Jasmine flowers bloom for Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day coming, sales of jasmine flowers and plants are blooming again.

A traditional symbol of HM the Queen’s Aug. 12 birthday, jasmine is a favorite among children looking for Mother’s Day gifts.

Florist Nim Ngamdee said her central Pattaya shop has stocked up on cut jasmine, plants and bouquets for Sunday’s holiday. Sales have come from youths, but also hotels and department stores. The shop sources its flowers from Issan and has gotten some large orders.

Jasmine remains popular as it’s also a symbol of prosperity. Hundreds of flowers are used to make garlands for worshipping and its white color and fragrant blossoms are symbols for motherhood in many Thais eyes.

Jasmine, a symbol of Mother’s Day. Jasmine, a symbol of Mother’s Day.