Japanese man hangs himself near Pattaya City sign


The body of a Japanese man was found hanging from a tree near the Pattaya City sign, a victim of an apparent suicide.

Hisatoshi Isayama, 61, was found Nov. 17 wearing exercise gear hanging from a rope a meter above the ground. Authorities estimate he’d been dead about 10 hours. On the ground near the body were an unfinished alcoholic beverage, two cigarette butts, water bottle and luggage with well-worn clothing.

Joggers in the area said they saw Isayama jogging alone, but didn’t suspect anything was wrong until discovering the body.

A note in Japanese was left with the body but, unable to read it, police simply assumed Isayama was having personal difficulties due to the old condition his clothes and the fact he was drinking and smoking before apparently committing suicide. The body and evidence has been forwarded to authorities in Bangkok.