Illegal garbage dump stinks up Jomtien


Jomtien Beach residents are pleading with Pattaya City Hall to clean up an illegal garbage dump and crack down on construction companies contributing to it.

The pile of concrete, ceramic, felled trees and stinking garbage has been festering for weeks on a stretch of land and roadway behind the Rim Had Condo on a small, privately owned soi off Jomtien Second Road, about 50 meters before Krua Baan Thai restaurant and a few hundred meters from Immigration on Soi 5. Even through it lies within the jurisdiction of the city, trash collectors have ignored it. Even worse, nearby residents complain, trash is often burned there, leading to foul-smelling smoke filling the neighborhood.

Mountains of garbage line both sides of the road. Mountains of garbage line both sides of the road.

One resident, identified only as “Barry,” said he has seen motorbike sidecars taking construction waste to the site with drivers even dumping sacks of trash on the road. Scavengers pick through the garbage before a truck arrives at 5 p.m. and dumps even more garbage.

Residents are calling on city hall to curb the illegal dumping, install lights on the road behind the condo and clean up the existing mess.