It’s time Pattaya feels coolness as winter kicks in; likely no more rains

Tourists on Pattaya beach are seen wearing long sleeves during the day to protect themselves from chills that have covered parts of the east coast provinces at this time of the year.

Pattaya City and Eastern Part Weather Forecast

Cool and strong wind. Minimum temperature 22-24 °C. Maximum temperature 31-34 °C. Northeasterly winds 15-35 km/hr. Wave height about 1 meter and 1-2 meters off shore.

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7 days Weather Forecast for Pattaya City and Eastern Part.

7 days Weather Forecast

During 25 – 26 Oct, 1-2 °C drop with cool. Minimum temperature 19-23°C. Maximum temperature 28-31°C. During 27 – 30 Oct, cool with isolated rain. Minimum temperature 20-24°C. Maximum temperature 30-33°C. Northeasterly wind 15-30 km/hr. Wave height about 1 meter and about 2 meters in thundershower areas.

The high-pressure area form China extends to cover upper Thailand, decreasing in temperatures by 1-2 °C with strong wind over the area. The monsoon trough lies across the middle South while the moderate southwest monsoon prevails across the Andaman Sea, the lower South and the lower Gulf of Thailand. Isolated heavy rains are likely in the South.

Thailand Weather General Situation

The wind and waves in the Andaman Sea are likely 1-2 meters high and about 2 meters high in thundershowers. All ships should proceed with caution in the thundershowers. The category 4 severe tropical storm “SAUDEL” over the middle South China Sea is expected to make landfall over the coast of upper Vietnam during 25-26 October before declining rapidly. Isolated rain with strong wind is likely over the eastern and the lower portion of the Northeast.

4 Weeks Weather Forecast for Eastern Part.

Thailand Weather General Situation.


A beach lover poses for her friends to take some photos on Pattaya beach.

A misty night on Pattaya beach is seen with full of tourists on the Colors of the East food and music weekend.