Is Pratamnak Road open yet?


Pattaya officials promised it would be

By the time you read this, the disastrously timed resurfacing of Pratamnak Road in South Pattaya is supposed to be finished, according to promises made by Pattaya city officials and the construction company earlier this month.

The 15 million baht project, started as high season got underway in late October, saw crews rip up South Road from Walking Street to Second Road and continue along Pratamnak Road to the base of the hill.

This construction work is supposed to be done by now.This construction work is supposed to be done by now.

With tens of thousands of people set to descend on the city for the annual Pattaya Countdown to New Year’s celebration, city officials desperately swarmed around the slow-going reconstruction site, urging workers to get the road open in time.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh toured the site Dec. 14, reminding the construction crew they’d promised to have the job done by Dec. 23. Work, however, was behind schedule due to road workers finding more power cables, water pipes and other infrastructure than anticipated. A company foreman admitted the construction firm was undermanned for the job.

Tourists, residents, drivers, business owners and just about everyone else who must move through South Pattaya have grumbled over the project, which has made commuting to Jomtien Beach a nightmare for weeks. The city has taken a barrage of criticism over the timing of the work, which was supposed to have commenced early this year during low season. However, city bureaucrats delayed releasing funds for the contract until October.