Human Help Network brings classroom to students in Pattaya

Khru Alex teaches a student the tone marks used in Thai writing.

With schools still closed to keep children safe and prevent the further spread of Covid-19, the HHNFT has taken on the task to keep less-privileged children in Pattaya from slipping through the educational cracks.

Often, those most vulnerable are young students in migrant worker camps whose families cannot afford the technology needed for online classes.

The Human Help Network Foundation (Thailand) is working to close the gaps with their Learning Delivery Project. HHNFT teachers and volunteers under the ASEAN Learning Center (Pattaya) bring the classroom to students at home, teaching them math, the Thai alphabet, reading, and Thai language pronunciation.

The aim is to help children keep up with the government’s educational criteria so they don’t fall behind their classmates once schools are back in session.

Young students want to study hard to keep up with their classmates.

Learning can be fun in the HHNFT classrooms at home, Learning Delivery Project at this worker camp in Soi Siam Country Club.

Everyone loves storytime.