Hugging hookers snatch cruising Russian’s gold chain on Pattaya Beach

Russian expat Dennis Nidowakom files a police complaint at headquarters.

With Covid-19 raging, tourists gone and the shoreline closed, pickpocketing and necklace snatching crimes on Pattaya Beach have plummeted, but a Russian man fell victim to one Monday.

Expat Dennis Nidowakom, 38, filed a police complaint Aug. 17 that two Beach Road prostitutes stole his 20,000-baht white-gold necklace.

Nidowakom said he was just minding his own business while strolling on the nearly deserted beach after dark when the sex workers propositioned him. They gave him a hug, and when the embrace was finished, they were gone and so was the chain he bought at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

Nidowakom told police he was minding his own business after dark on Beach Road when two sex workers propositioned him, gave him a hug, and made off with his gold chain without him noticing until they left.