Hours of heavy downpour wreaks havoc in Pattaya on Friday morning

This man in Soi Nong Ket Yai struggles to salvage his belongings in the heavy downpour.

Pattaya and the surrounding areas were hit by heavy rains all through Thursday night and by late Friday morning the onslaught began.

Heavy rain and strong winds relentlessly pounded the city and within minutes the roads, sois, communities and homes were knee-deep with some areas 1-2 meters underwater.

Residents called city rescue units to help save them and their belongings but the extent of the damage was vast and there was nothing they could really do.

Residents in low-lying areas hastily moved their belongings to higher ground in their homes and those who could not manage to do so, saw their life’s belongings float away in the murky waters.

This woman keeps her feet and some of her belongings dry.

The highways and roads didn’t fare better as all the usual low-lying areas were under 1-2 meters of water. Cars were stranded with water reaching up to the wind shields and many were totally inundated.

City hall rushed pumps to 7 locations hit the hardest. But apparently they have lost the race to the tremendous volume of rain water that poured down for hours.

Fortunately there were no injuries or deaths reported.

Kayaking through the gruelling Pattaya grand rapids in Soi Wat Thamsamakkhee.

As of late afternoon many parts of the area were still under high water. It would take many more hours or even days before the streets and communities dry out and the people can slowly salvage what’s left of their lives and hope for drier days or that the city would finally solve this chronic flooding problem in their communities.

The Meteorological Department has forecast more rain over the weekend.

This expat takes his rubber raft out for a leisurly cruise down his soi.
Volunteers direct traffic away from the flooded areas.

A citizen’s bedroom is washed away.
Come rain or shine, this resident of Soi Buakhao still shows his fighting spirit.

A policeman guides this driver to safety.
A resident of Soi Khao Talo wonders, “Where do I go from here?”

A river runs through this home in Central Pattaya.
Traffic crawls through the floods along Pattaya 3rd Road.

What a relaxing way to spend a morning floating up and down the soi.
The notorious railway road, always under water when it rains.

The boy is having a ‘elluva good time boating on Pattaya 3rd Road.
Water gushes up from the drains in the middle of Sukhumvit Highway.

A volunteer directs motorists away from the flooded road ahead.
Sukhumvit River of no return.