Holiday rush begins in Pattaya & Jomtien beaches

Thais and foreigners relax with their families at Jomtien Beach.

The holiday rush began early in Jomtien Beach, as streets jammed with Thais headed to the beach and its crystal-clear water for the long weekend.

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Traffic leading to Jomtien was heavy Wednesday afternoon, well ahead of the main rush of tourists emptying out of Bangkok and other cities for the government-created Nov. 19-22 holiday.

With warm weather and ocean conditions that have left the water remarkably clear in Jomtien, Jomtien is expected to be very busy this weekend.

Pattaya Beach, which often is deserted even while Jomtien is full, will try to bring folks downtown with another weekend food fair.

Seawater at Jomtien Beach is clear and clean until obviously seeing shells and sand.


A relaxing day at Jomtien Beach might include lying on a mat under a big tree and enjoying a meal with family.


Vendors of beach chairs and umbrellas enjoy a boost on long weekends at Jomtien Beach.