Group seeks funding for AIDS hospice, research


An AIDS research and patient-care group is seeking funds from Pattaya City Hall to construct a shelter and screen bar workers for HIV and other infectious diseases.

At an Aug. 3 meeting, Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome met with representatives from the city’s Disease Prevention and Suppression Office, Swing Foundation, Supnimit Pattaya Foundation and PSI Foundation to discuss various health-related initiatives.

Much of the meeting focused on efforts of a group of care home managers and community friends who are trying to secure funding for an AIDS hospice in Pattaya. The initial permit was denied, as the land at issue was intended for use as a seniors center. However, the group recently received partial funding from the PSI Foundation and is hoping to move forward with the project by the next meeting.

The group of care home managers and community friends also reviewed a survey done of workers at 40 beer bars, including rapid-result blood tests. Officials said they wanted to see more results at the next meeting.