Grifter sets up 3-day friend for elaborate bag snatch


Police are searching for a grafter who befriended a female victim for three days before setting her up for a purse snatching.

Samruethai Kaewkla, 21, called police from an alley off Soi Chulurat 7 where she’d been robbed March 15.

She said a woman she knew only as “Som” befriended her three days earlier and, that night, invited her to go out. Som picked up Samruethai on her motorbike and, after turning down the dark street off Thepprasit Road, an unknown Thai man was waiting on a bike of his own.

Police volunteers try to comfort the distraught victim.Police volunteers try to comfort the distraught victim.

The man kicked Samruethai off the motorbike, then stopped and stole her handbag containing four ATM cards, mobile phone and 200 baht. She sustained minor injuries in the fall.

Police said they know the identity of the grafter and expect to make an arrest.