German found dead in Banglamung Police Station jail


Banglamung officials are awaiting results of forensic testing to determine why a German man jailed on immigration charges died of no apparent cause.

Bernd Hans Wittmann, 62, was found dead in his cell at Banglamung Police Station Aug. 14. A doctor from Banglamung Hospital was called to examine the body with top Banglamung district and police officials attending.

Dr Komuth Chumpakdee said the body showed no signs of injury or assault, ruling the death was not from unusual causes. Komuth speculated heat contributed to Wittmann’s death, as the jail was hot and not well ventilated.

The German was being held in Banglamung after being arrested for overstaying his visa, which expired on June 16. He was awaiting transfer to the Chonburi Immigration Office in Jomtien Beach to be processed for deportation.

The body has now been taken to the Institute of Forensic Science for a more-thorough examination to determine the exact cause of death. The German Embassy has been informed of his death.