German dies after reading note from “girlfriend”


A German man died after collapsing while reading an apology note from his two-week “girlfriend.”

Rolf Dieter Schicker, 66, suffered a skull fracture after falling during the coronary attack at his South Pattaya home July 16. On a nearby table was a note from 28-year-old bargirl Kanchana Siripol, written in English, telling Schicker she was sorry for constantly being so late when going to see him.

Rolf Dieter Schicker. Rolf Dieter Schicker.

Kanchana told police she’d seen the German every day for two weeks, cleaned his house and cooked for him without payment.

She said she called on him at 2 a.m. the previous night, but he didn’t answer the door. She added that Schicker often suffered asthma attacks.

The body was sent to the Forensics Institute to determine the exact cause of death.  Later, the body will be given to his family for funeral rites.