German defies doctor’s no-alcohol order, dies


A German deejay who defied a doctor’s order against drinking died after getting drunk at a Najomtien barbecue.

Korber Oelmann, 47, was pronounced dead Dec. 3 at the Rizza restaurant on Soi Najomtien 8. Found wearing only black pants and foam coming from his mouth, the German had been dead for less than six hours.

Oelmann’s 18-year-old girlfriend, Narisra Kaensao, said she’d last seen the vacationing deejay the night before as he planned to spend the day drinking and barbecuing with friends.

She said he was suffering from an unspecified ailment and that his doctor had ordered him to avoid alcohol. During the party with friends, Oelmann reportedly felt ill and went back to his room, where he died.