German arrested in drugs-for-sex scam


Police arrested a German expat for allegedly peddling drugs to women in exchange for sex.

Heinz Otto Kain, 58, was apprehended near the former ice factory on Soi Buakaow May 31. Police found four methamphetamine tablets on his person.

Police said Kain confessed to buying the drugs and then soliciting women for sex, offering to pay them with a 250-baht tablet.

In an unrelated incident, police also announced the arrest of somtam vendor Prachum Yaemwong, 58, on drug-dealing charges. She was found picking through garbage for recyclables with 55 ya ba tablets hidden in children’s socks.

Officers said Prachum confessed to using her trash-picking as a cover allowing her to sell drugs to Beach Road prostitutes. Somtam sales, she said, don’t cover all her expenses.