Industry and Energy ministries launch energy efficiency program


BANGKOK, 6 June 2012  – The Industry Ministry has joined forces with the Energy Ministry to launch the Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) program, with the objective of reducing energy usage in the production process of industrial factories. 

Industry Minister M.R. Phongsawat Svastiwat explained that the ministry has collaborated with the Energy Ministry in setting up the IEE program with the goal of making industrial factories see the importance of enhancing the efficiency of energy usage as well as reducing production costs. The Minister said that the need for energy is on a continuous rising trend, especially in the industrial sector, which is responsible for 37% of the total energy usage. He explained that a rise in the cost of energy, which is a key factor in production, will lead to an increase in the industries’ initial costs.

The IEE program is targeted at 6 types of industries, namely food and beverage, textile, chemical, plastic and rubber, non-metallic, and basic metal industries. Expecting 100 enterprises to participate in the project, the IEE program is scheduled to span over a period of 5 years under a budget of 15 million baht.