Flash floods damage homes in Rayong sub-district


Landslides damaged homes and businesses in Rayong’s Taphong Sub-district.

A series of unusual flash floods damaged homes and businesses in Rayong’s Taphong Sub-district, knocking down walls and flooding storage rooms filled with expensive products.

Storms Oct. 14 saw three separate floods race down the hill from Khao Yai Da overnight. Workers cutting down trees on the hillside the day before reported a landslide and residents said floods there were the first in 50 years.

Chaweewan Camsiripot, 32, said she was awakened by the sound of running water and awoke to find her entire home quickly flooded, including a storage room with a thousand of boxes of durian chips worth 1,000 baht per box wholesale. She estimated damage at 1 million baht.

Other homes in the area reported damage to electrical appliances. Ten homes in Siwalai Village were also flooded with resident Bunchoo Pitsadan, 42, saying a wall at her house was destroyed by flood waters.