Ferocious dog tracked and caught behind South Pattaya temple

The man-biting dog was caught and chained in Soi Thappraya Soi 15 before being transported to an animal shelter for observation.

Pattaya City councilor Nikom Sangkaew together with a team of veterinarians ventured on a dog hunt after residents of the Wat Chai Mongkol temple community in South Pattaya complained that a ferocious dog was running free in their area and had attacked and injured at least four people including the elderly.

The Nov 29, dog-catching team tracked the animal down in Soi Thappraya Soi 15 where they netted the ferocious canine and transported him to an animal shelter to be kept under observation to determine whether he was infected with any kind of disease.

City officials announced that residents can call their hotline number 1337, whenever they are threatened by violent dogs and cats or any other wild animal in their homes or have any kind of emergencies to get immediate assistance.

A resident shows a photograph on his mobile phone of a severely injured victim of the attacks by the violent dog.


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