Father murders young sons, commits suicide



An allegedly drug-addicted rubber farmer viciously killed his two small sons before hanging himself in their Rayong home.


Sawai Kaewkalya, 38, was found hanging from a beam in his Plaukdang District house around 6:30 a.m. April 24. Nearby were the bodies of 7-year-old Athanon Kaewkalya, who had been nearly decapitated with a billhook, and 21-month-old Apichat Kaewkalya, whose neck had been slit with the same blade.

Plaukdang paramedics and police also discovered the boys’ injured mother Nuaynat Wongsiri, 33, and neighbor Sawan Prasomkit, 46, and transported both to the hospital for treatment of slash wounds to the arm and face.

The grief stricken mother, Nuaynat, reports the horrific tragedy to police. The grief stricken mother, Nuaynat, reports the horrific tragedy to police.

Nuaynat told police she and her husband were at home, preparing to go to work at the nearby rubber tree plantation, when Sawai went insane. The boys were still sleeping when Sawai began the attack, first cutting his wife Nuaynat.

Nuaynat escaped, but when she returned, she discovered that her husband had cut the older boy’s head nearly clean off.

She said she rushed to try and help her youngest son, but her spouse attacked her again, slicing her arm. She escaped his reach and called a neighbor to help, but he was attacked as well. Nuaynat said her husband then killed the toddler and hung himself.

Nuaynat told police Sawai had been a methamphetamine addict for about four years, but recently underwent rehabilitation and now only used ya ba occasionally. However, he sometimes mixed the speed with marijuana, leaving him deranged.

She said she had no idea the drug use and mental instability would lead to her children’s horrific deaths.