Elderly man struck and killed by passing train


An elderly man in his late 80s or early 90s was killed by a passing train Aug. 30, when he didn’t get out of the way while crossing the tracks. A splintered crutch was found at the gruesome scene alongside the Nong Pungpuya Railway, Moo 7 Banglamung.

Local resident Jumnien Ruktham, 56, identified the man as Ta Huan. He said he didn’t know what the man was doing at the tracks, but mentioned Ta Huan’s ex-wife had been grazed by a train at the same spot, but she only received minor injuries.

Jumnien said Ta Huan was “absent minded”.

The train engineer, identified only as Supachai, told police he blew the horn to warn the old man, but Ta Huan didn’t get off the tracks. At that point, it wasn’t possible for the train to stop.