Drunk driver sleeps it off at Pattaya bus stop

Realizing that he could be arrested at a random police checkpoint, an inebriated Ahmed parked his bike next to a roadside pavilion where he slept soundly until the next morning.

A well-dressed Burmese man bedded down at a Sukhumvit bus stop rather than drive drunk on his motorbike.

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A Pattaya Mail reporter roused 25-year-old Ahmed at the shelter at Soi Najomtien 3 Aug. 14. He was dressed in long pants and dress shirt, and had put a pillow under his head and his Yamaha motorbike parked in the road.

After a good night’s sleep, the much more sober Ahmed is ready to go to work again.

The reporter suggested this was not the best place to sleep, as he could be robbed or have his bike stolen.

Ahmed said he works at a fabric shop in Pattaya and had gone drinking after work. Totally hammered, he pulled over at the bus stop, not for fear of killing himself or others but because he thought he’d get arrested at a random police checkpoint.