Drunk biker crashes near Pattaya while trying to pee

Yongyuth still in a daze tells a policeman of his failed attempt to stop his bike to urinate on the side of the road.

A drunk motorcyclist was injured when he crashed while trying to pull over to urinate on the roadside.

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Youngyuth Boonnao, 41, sustained only cuts and scratches in the Aug. 8 tumble on the side of Sukhumvit Road outside Thai-Austrian Technical College in Najomtien Aug. 8. His dented Yamaha Fino laid nearby.

Through slurred words, Youngyuth told police he was driving to continue drinking with friends but had to pee, so he tried to pull over. But he was already very drunk, so he crashed.

Police didn’t charge him with drunk driving, instead taking him to the police station to contact his pals.

Yongyuth is treated for his minor injuries by an emergency rescue unit.