Drug suspect scammed by ‘mediator’ hired to get charges dropped


A woman who admitted paying a “mediator” to get her out from under drug charges filed charges of her own after the man disappeared with her money.

Nopawan Sooktiern, 33, filed a police complaint Aug. 29 against the man she knew only as “Singh”, who approached her following her Aug. 20 arrest for illegal-drug possession.

Singh told her he knew many Pattaya police officers and could get the case dropped for 35,000 baht. He requested a deposit of 5,000 baht.

Nopawan had a 60-year-old Swiss male friend arrange to pay Singh his fee, but she was called to face charges in court on Aug. 23. The case had not been dropped and Singh was nowhere to be found.

The woman had to call yet another friend to pay her bail.

Police said Nopawan was victimized by one of a number of people masquerading in Pattaya as “mediators” who target drug suspects.