Dog calls help for fellow canine stuck in sewer

Just like Lassie, Kafae alerts the humans his girlfriend is stuck in a hole.

Refusing to leave his friend, a barking dog in Sattahip brought help to a fellow canine stuck in a drainage pipe.

After finally getting the cover off, a rescuer risks life and limb to climb down into the drain to fetch the stranded canine paramour.

Ratchachai Anan, 78, called authorities after discovering Choke, a 2-year-old female, in a large pipe about three meters underground. She had run into the drainage system after being chased by other dogs and couldn’t find her way out.

Choke plays hard to get, like any female would under such circumstances.

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Standing at a manhole barking was Choke’s buddy, 2-year-old Kafae, who refused to leave as long as his girlfriend was in the hole.

It took rescuers about two hours to lasso Choke and pull her up through the manhole.

Ratchachai said he feeds dogs in the area every day and hard Kafae barking for help.

Wait, what? There’s another way out? Why didn’t I think of that? Could there be more to the story than meets the eye?
Like a scene in a romantic movie, the lovers are reunited at last.