City pipe laying causing dust problems at Wat Pho School


Dust and smoke are choking neighbors around Phothisamphanphitthayakhan School, where contractors dug a long stretch of sidewalk, then disappeared.

Mid-sized tools still littered the area on Pattaya-Naklua Road right at the crossing bridge, in front of Phothisamphanphitthayakhan School Feb. 1, with local food vendors especially decrying the mess.

Unfinished work in Naklua is causing dust problems for residents and vendors.

Noodle vendor Somkiat Kaewwiset, 36, said he’s had many fewer customers due to a never-ending dust issue. He said he’s not even sure if the holes dug in spots along the sidewalks, then abandoned, are the last to be done.

“The roads are dug again and again and when work is completed, the roads are not left in good condition, with bricks left lying around,” he complained.

As of press time, there was no response from city hall.