City officials return to Walking Street to get signs raised or removed


Pattaya officials made another sweep of Walking Street, still trying to get defiant shop owners to raise or remove low-hanging signs.

Councilman Anupong Bhudanawarut led a team of workers to the nightlife strip Feb. 15 to follow-up on shopkeepers previously cited for billboards and signs hung too low to allow emergency vehicles to pass underneath, as well as check for new offenders.

Workers explained that signs must be placed at least 5.5 meters above the street. Most agreed to fix their signs, but others were told to remedy the problem within seven days or city hall would remove them and fine the owners.

Councilman Anupong Bhudanawarut says that many billboards and signs along Walking Street are hung too low to allow emergency vehicles to pass underneath.

Anupong said 169 businesses have signs that don’t meet standards and the city has been trying for months to get stalwarts to act. The same officials made a similar visit to Walking Street Dec. 21 with little progress since then.