City Council extends initial contract for new water-treatment plant to 25 years


The Pattaya City Council will give the operator of a new water-treatment plant five additional years to run the plant slated for construction next year.

At the council’s first meeting of 2012, on April 12, members approved a motion by Councilman Manoch Nongyai to extend the initial operating contract from 20 to 25 years. Manoch reasoned that the private sector moves slowly and would want or need the five extra years in return for bidding on the 700 million baht project.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome (standing) addresses the Pattaya City Council. Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome (standing) addresses the Pattaya City Council.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome announced plans in January for a second water-treatment plant for the city and officials have slowly been working their way toward putting construction and operation of the plant out for bid.

The plant would further treat hard water produced by plants on Soi Nong Yai and Soi Wat Boonkanchanaram so that it could be sold as tap water by the Provincial Waterworks Authority. While it’s able to supply Pattaya with about 250,000 cu. meters of water per day, the PWA says the city’s current average usage of 138,000 cu. meters is rising and, within years, will exceed capacity.

Itthiphol previously assured council members that even though the water system would be outsourced to the private sector, the city would retain control of the 700 million baht in funds it hopes to obtain and act as “caretaker” after the plant goes into operation.

The contract alteration was one of 14 items on the city council’s agenda for its first meeting. Routine business comprised the rest, including introduction of Juthamas Sirithien as a new technical and planning administration officer; submission of financial records to the National Anti-Corruption Commission by May 25; budget changes for Department of Civil Engineering to allow for the purchase of a saw; and the shifting of school construction funds from Pattaya School No. 1 to No. 6.