Chonburi tells local governments to prep for earthquakes


The Chonburi Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has ordered district and sub-district officials to survey buildings in their jurisdictions vulnerable to earthquakes and structural collapse.

Director Chanchai Atamasirikul acknowledged Chonburi is at low risk of a significant earthquake, but after a series of quakes in both Thailand’s north and south, all provinces have been ordered to prepare prevention, preparation and response plans, just in case.

Local governments were assigned to survey and gain information on tall buildings and evaluate their risk of collapse. They were also told to carefully scrutinize applications to extend or alter an existing building.

Districts and sub-districts were told to follow Chonburi ’s 2014 emergency-preparedness plan and prepare a budget for emergency response and necessary equipment. In addition, they were told to publish established evacuation routes.

In regard to response, local governments were ordered to appoint officers to the regional emergency-response center and set up and maintain a communications network available around the clock.

An emergency public relations team also must be established to publicize and explain situations and government plans to prevent panic.

Lastly, officials were told to survey utilities that need to be repaired quickly and provide drinking water and consumer products properly to relieve disaster victims problems.