Chonburi honors HM the King on National Occupational Skills Standards Day


Chonburi honored HM the King as the “Father of Thai Engineering” with a March 2 ceremony at Eastern Technological College in Muang District.

The Cabinet on Feb. 17, 2009 endorsed a Ministry of Labor proposal to confer upon His Majesty the title “Father of Thai Standard Engineering” in recognition of his fine craftsmanship. March 2 also was designated National Occupational Skills Standards Day.

The day commemorates the occasion on March 2, 1970 when, at Bangkok’s Lumpini Park, His Majesty gave a royal speech on Thai craftsmanship.

Gov. Khomsan Ekachai makes an offering to honor HM the King as the “Father of Thai Engineering” at Eastern Technological College.

Gov. Khomsan Ekachai said His Majesty has abundant skills starting from building toys since he was young, a sailboat that he had built for a Laemthong competition, Chai Pattana water turbine, including establishing Phradabos School teaching skills to youths and the less-fortunate.

His Majesty the King is recognized for his wide-ranging talents and skills in many artistic fields. He mastered mechanics from the time he was a child, when he made his own radio set during his young days in Switzerland. He was interested in the use of various mechanical tools and developed a sense of detail and a love of construction. Whether winding his own electric motors or carving wooden gliders, His Majesty continued to try to achieve the best that he could. His gliders were practical, in that they were for flying rather than only for show.

He said the public sector has followed his example to prepare Thailand’s labor sector for the ASEAN Economic Community.