Chonburi governor tells big Pattaya businesses to share wealth


Chonburi Gov. Khomsan Ekachai urged Pattaya business leaders to collaborate with street vendors to boost the economy.

“If all sectors collaborate and help one another generate income, the community will eventually be a better place to live for all,” Khomsan told the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association at its March 30 meeting at the Green Park Hotel.

“Pattaya is a well-known city and has the biggest port in the country nearby. It is also recognized as an all-around tourism destination that has attracted millions of tourists on a yearly basis. The majority of tourists should be redirected to cultural attractions.

Governor Komsan Eakchai urges big business sectors to join and support private sectors.

“The main point is to look after the residents as well, in terms of their well-being and making sure that they are occupied, and generating some income from tourists in accordance to their strength and marketing. The less fortunate will then be able to raise their family and live a better life as well’.

The governor’s comments come following complaints from street vendors and individual merchants that they were missing out on revenue from large Chinese tour groups, who book with major agents that have made hotels and big restaurants and malls the only ones to benefit from the tourism boom.