Cable madness entangles Pattaya


In Pattaya, cables go up, but they never come down.

The gravity defying cables are the ones hanging high, and sometimes low, from the city’s utility poles. There are electric wires, phone lines, lots of Internet lines and, of course, cables for cable TV.

When customers sign up, technicians put one up. But the work is done hurriedly, often shoddily, and almost never is the old customer’s dead line removed. The result is a spiraling string of spaghetti that hangs down, shorts out and, occasionally, bursts into flames.

The area currently getting the most complaints is around Soi Paniadchang in central Pattaya, home to the Redemptorist School for Persons with Disabilities. In the 800 meters from the school to Central Road, eight jumbles of wires were found, some posing obstacles for wheelchair users.

In Pattaya, cables go up, but it seems they never come down.In Pattaya, cables go up, but it seems they never come down.

Some cables have simply been tied and left on traffic barriers for ages, despite the fact each line transmits a small amount of heat and even electric current.

On Naklua Soi 16 near Phothisamphan School, a food vendor was waiting for a reporter who said wire shorts caused a connected transformer to explode a week ago.

The Provincial Electrical Authority got the lights back on, but the cables were left behind.

The unprofessional and non-standard work of “technicians” is prevalent in Pattaya and residents want the mess cleaned up.