Burmese man kills ex-wife, self


Lovemaking turned to murder and suicide after a Burmese man killed his ex-wife and hung himself at an apartment building in Banglamung.

Police found Butaran Hammad, 32, strangled with a nylon rope tied to a beam in his Soi Wat Bunkanchanaram flat June 17. Fifty meters away lay the naked body of his ex-wife, Supak Thongnat, 27, in a pool of blood outside her room.

Horrified friends and relatives rush to the scene. Horrified friends and relatives rush to the scene.

Supak’s father, Banchong Thongnat, told police his daughter and Butaran had separated about five months ago but that she’d decided to go see him, as the Burmese man planned to take their two children to Myanmar. Butaran somehow convinced Supak to have sex one last time, but refused to let her leave.

A fight ensued and Butaran attacked the woman with a meat cleaver and sharp blade. She ran outside screaming, but fell and died at the scene.

Butaran, also nude, then hung himself. Amid the garbage, blood and signs of a struggle, police found the dead man still had some of his ex-wife’s hair in his hand.