Burglar steals 400,000 baht in gold, 1 pair of sandals


Saharat shows police what the thief did to his belongings.

Apparently 400,000 baht in gold wasn’t enough for one burglar who, after cracking open the safe in a Thai taxi broker’s house, also stole his sandals.

Police were called Oct. 11 to the Chokchai Village 4 home of 47-year-old Saharat Sa-Imi. The lock on the front gate and front door had been cut and the inside of the house was in disarray.

A bedroom safe was also broken open and a digital camera, gold necklace and an 18-baht gold bracelet worth more than 400,000 baht was missing.

What really set Saharat off, however, was that the burglar took his favorite, and expensive, pair of sandals and left a pair of cheap flip-flops in their place. The symbolic move may backfire on the burglar, however, as police scooped up the shoes as evidence.