Buddhist monks receive alms at Pattaya temples to avoid risk of infection

Monks chant prayers during the alms receiving ceremonies at Wat Thamsamakee Temple in South Pattaya.

With the number of coronavirus infections in Banglamung increasing at an alarming rate, people are now wisely taking extra precautions to avoid unnecessary contact with other persons for fear of contracting the deadly Covid-19.

The precautionary measures are also prevalent amongst the Buddhist clergy and monks in many temples have forgone their morning alms rounds in the community to remain at their temples, permitting the devout to bring them offerings of daily food and essentials.

In support of this wise move, Pattaya people from all walks of life rallied together in support of the Buddhist monks’ shrewd decision to stay within their holy surroundings by organizing food offering ceremonials at the monks’ place of worship.

The merit-making pilgrimages were initiated by Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and supported by business people and volunteers from many organizations in the surrounding communities.

Pattaya volunteers hand out food packages to needy people of all ages.

On July 16, Passakorn Usomboon, Asst. Secretary to the Pattaya Mayor, accompanied by Banjong Banthoonprayuk, former Pattaya City Council member and members of the public, participated in an alms-offering ritual at Wat Thamsamakee Temple in South Pattaya.

The ceremonial alms offering of the day included seven auspicious dishes and sweets. They were spicy stir-fried bamboo shoots, boiled eggs, pork noodles, fried chicken, fish cakes, shaved ice with syrup and crape rolls.

In addition to making alms offerings to the monks, food was also distributed to needy people who are also enduring extreme economic hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Passakorn said that Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome is very concerned about the wellbeing of the monks during the crisis and has donated his own funds supplemented by donations from the public to support their needs.

Passakorn Usomboon hands out food boxes to grateful families.