Broken Pattaya Beach sewer pipe repaired


A broken screen on a major outflow pipe emptying on to Pattaya Beach has been fixed following a huge pileup of post-thunderstorm garbage this month.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay led a team of Environment Department workers to South Pattaya May 17 to repair the hydraulic trap that let garbage flow onto the beach and into the sea starting May 10.

Verawat said a trapping screen broke away during a recent heavy storm. Workers carried out the repairs and added two additional screens to trap garbage.

Sanitation crews work to clean out and repair a trapping screen on a major outflow pipe emptying on to Pattaya Beach.

The garbage first surfaced May 10 near Bali Hai pier near the wastewater outflow pipe where the water turned black. The sea and beach for over 300 meters from Walking Street southward were covered in bottles, plastic bags, food waste, foam, torn clothing, and others junk.

The deputy mayor said the problem stems from Pattaya residents’ continued insistence of dumping garbage into the sewers instead of disposing of it properly.