Broken-hearted man stabs self in the chest

Paramedics try to save Tatpong’s life after he stabbed himself in the chest because he was having a tumultuous relationship of the heart.

Paramedics rushed to a house in Soi Bon Kai, Sattahip district to try to save the life of a young man who had stabbed himself in the chest on May 29.

Medics found the victim, Tatpong Thamnai in a state of shock with the knife still imbedded in his chest. He was struggling to breathe. They administered emergency medical aid to stabilize his condition and swiftly transferred him to the Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital for further treatment.

Family and friends told police that Tatpong had been grappling with relationship issues, which had caused him immense distress and emotional turmoil. It was this overwhelming sadness that led him to take such desperate measures.