Brit catches pickpocket on baht bus


A British national got the last laugh when he chased down a transvestite who allegedly pickpocketed him near the Keha Thepprasit Market.

Imran Muhammad Akhtar, 35, was waiting for police with his Thai girlfriend April 24 when they arrived to pick up Pongphipat Maneerath, 28, who allegedly stole 3,000 British pounds (152,000 baht) off the tourist.

Akhtar said he and his girlfriend were on a baht bus on their way to the market when, while getting ready to disembark, he found his wallet, emptied of all cash, on the floor.

Transvestite Pongphipat Maneerath faces theft charges after allegedly stealing 3,000 British pounds from a British tourist.

He started scolding other passengers, including the suspect, who was sitting on the cash. She tried to escape the pickup truck, but Akhtar held her down and contacted police.

Police said the suspect confessed and said he pulled the wallet while the Brit was talking to his girlfriend.