Boomlet busted, Pattaya returns to ghost town

Pubs, bars, and restaurants return to quiet on weekdays.

It was fun while it lasted, but Pattaya is back to being a ghost town after the long holiday.

While the city experienced a relative boom over the Sept. 4-7 holiday, it didn’t last, with Thais and expats packing up and heading home to other provinces by Monday.

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Business owners were grateful for the business, but said it didn’t cover all their expenses for the month. Many have taken to just opening on weekends now.

Community leaders urged Pattaya officials to organize weekly festivals or other events to draw people to the city more regularly.

Footpaths are empty again.


A lone waitress dreams of better times fronting a pub in Soi Buakhao.


Pattaya Beach is once again vacant after sunset.