Bogus policeman tries to rape pregnant woman


An 18-year-old pregnant woman fought off an attempted rape from a man pretending to be a Pattaya police officer.

Buatong Phumset and cousin Narainet Juanrangsin, 20, filed a police report Oct. 17 about a Thai man who stopped them near the intersection of South Pattaya Road and Soi Mitshim, claiming he was a cop and that their motorbike was stolen.

Taking their motorbike key, the bogus officer asked Buatong to accompany him to a nearby police box to straighten out the matter. Insisting she was innocent, the three-months pregnant teen left her male cousin on the bike and went with the fake policeman.

But instead of the police box, the man took the girl to a secluded area near the railroad tracks on Soi Nongkrabork where she says he attempted to rape her. She fought off her attacker and ran for help from passing motorists. The suspect fled, but not before taking her handbag.

Buatong and her cousin looked through mug shots, but did not recognize the suspect. They helped the real police put together a composite sketch and officers are now searching for the man.