Banglamung escapes increase in national Songkran death toll


While Songkran carnage on Thailand’s road increased by one nationally from 2012, the Pattaya area suffered no fatalities.

A total of 321 people died during the “seven dangerous days” of Songkran April 11-17, up one from a year earlier. Nationally, 3,040 people were reported injured.

In Banglamung District from April 13-19, 171 accidents were reported with no figure given for injuries. The district reported no fatalities.

At Banglamung Police Station, 350 people were cited for speeding, 85 arrested for drunk driving and more than 2,100 ticketed for not wearing helmets or having a valid license.

At Pattaya Police Station, 220 were arrested for drunk driving. Police reported only minor accidents that did not meet the criteria for reporting. No deaths or injuries were reported.