Arrest warrants out for rape of 16-year-old German-Thai Bang Saray girl


Sattahip authorities have issued arrest warrants for a Bang Saray fishmonger and a Cambodian employee who allegedly conspired to rape a 16-year-old German-Thai girl five times.

The teenager was living with her grandmother while her parents were out of the country when she was lured by a Bang Saray Market fish vendor, known only as Nii, to the woman’s house, where she was forced to take off her clothes.

A 30-year-old Cambodian man, identified as Rong, then came in and raped the girl. The teenager was threatened not to report the rape and was forced to submit to the Cambodian five additional times.

Finally, the girl told her grandmother what happened and she contacted the Bang Saray village chief, who took the girl to Sattahip police and the hospital.

On July 27, police said the 41-year-old Nii had sold her business two days earlier and fled the area with Rong.

Police said Nii contacted police to say that the charges against her, which had since become the talk of the town, were untrue and she planned to turn herself in the following day.

Officers insisted she appear immediately, however, and issued an arrest warrant. On July 28, when she claimed she would surrender, she failed to appear.