Another Russian bit by monkey on Koh Larn


A second Russian tourist has been bitten by a wild monkey on Koh Larn.

The 20-year-old visitor, identified only as Alexandra, received deep bites to her right thigh. She was transported to Pattaya Hospital.

Alexandra told reporters she was visiting Koh Larn with her boyfriend and, despite signs in Russian warning them not to feed the monkeys, the pair approached the wild simians, who chased after the woman when they ended their session.

Russian tourist Alexandra is brought back to shore after she was received a nasty bite from a monkey on Koh Larn.

The incident was the second in a month. On Jan. 4, a 4-year-old Russian boy who teased and hit a monkey with a stick was badly bitten on the leg.

Following that incident, wildlife officials supposedly relocated bad-behaving monkeys and chased others away from Tawaen Beach, where both attacks occurred.