97 men ordained as monks on Father’s Day


Even more young men than expected shaved their heads to prepare for the monkhood in honor of HM the King’s 88th birthday in Pattaya.

The city sought 89 young men to participate in the mass ordination and actually received applications from 97. All were allowed and joined the ceremony Dec. 3.

Deputy Mayor Wattana Chantanawaranon presided over the event that saw haircuts and a Buddhist sermon before they were ordained as novices and presented with their robes.

Deputy Mayor Wattana Chantanawaranon (standing right) helps cut hair for newly to be ordained monks in honor of HM the King’s 88th birthday.

Following the ceremony, the newly minted monks marched along North Road to Naklua Road up to Sukhumvit Road in a parade to collect alms. The procession ended at Jittapawan College where they would begin dharma learning that ran through Dec. 11.

Their training also included alms collection walks on Dec. 4 and 6.