What does Dr. Somchai T.shoke-satian M.D. do? (Part 2)

Dr Somchai T.shoke-satian is a multi-award winning ophthalmologist at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and is considered to be one of the finest eye surgeons and the pioneers in the world of an advanced and painless surgery, which is based on tried and tested technology.

Last week I introduced you briefly to Dr Somchai, the specialist Ophthalmologist and the driving force behind SuperSight surgery.

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Dr. Somchai has been treating refractive problems for his patients for over 16 years, with the onset of cataracts being one of the most challenging conditions he has come across. Challenging in the fact that cataracts are progressive and your vision will continue to deteriorate until your eye sight is no longer good enough, or safe enough, for all the requirements involved in daily living.

Dr. Somchai delivers specialized and on-time service. His patients are given an appointment time, ensuring prompt service without a long wait in a crowded waiting room.

Cataracts are actually a condition of aging, where the lenses inside the eye gradually become ‘cloudy’ so ‘sharp’ long vision is lost and driving a car becomes difficult. The lenses also become non-pliable as you get older, which results in the loss of close vision. The two conditions covering both near and far vision are both caused by progressive aging of the lenses inside the eye.

Many years ago, ophthalmologists had neither the equipment nor the skill to work inside the eye, when it became necessary to extract age-damaged lenses of the correct strength. This is something which is a cooperation between the world’s best lens makers in Germany and Dr. Somchai’s exacting measurements required in a replacement lens.


The damaged lenses are inside the eye, and I can feel you shuddering from here. However, the minimally invasive surgery today, used in the corrections needed, is where Dr. Somchai comes into the picture. He has both the state-of-the-art equipment and the skills necessary to carry out such exacting surgery. He is a true ‘specialist.’

There is another patient satisfaction factor – patients prefer to have specialized and on-time service. For some people, a watch is a fashion accessory rather than an instrument to tell the time. However, Dr. Somchai’s patients are given an appointment time, ensuring prompt service without a long wait in a crowded waiting room. Patients believe in elective, clean eye surgery and they should not be mixed with the common eye diseases, or infected conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye,’ because of the risk of post-operative infection.

In the next edition of the Pattaya Mail, I will show why Dr. Somchai is the pre-eminent specialist dealing with refractive problems.

Super Sight Surgery Center, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, B building, 2nd floor. Service Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Call Center: 1719 Overseas Call: +66 3825 9999 Email: [email protected]

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