Yes we have a dog problem, but …



Yes we have a dog problem in Thailand but we have much more of a human problem here. There are way too many uncaring, inconsiderate people trashing Mother Earth, leaving killing dangers behind for children and wildlife to become sick or die from, contaminating all waterways.

Imposing stiff fines, community service, and jail time are the only types of education this type of human will ever understand. They are too far out of the box to understand anything else. Trust me, KOTO has done everything humanly possible to educate, for the past 14 years. Very few understand and change (bless them). Most, it goes in one ear, out the other, or some ready to fight, some laugh, leaving their trash behind, with garbage cans close and or a dumpster 5 to 20 meters away.

Yes we have a dog problem, nothing compared to the human problem.

Pattaya City Hall for starters needs to get off the porch, wake up and cleanup, then starting by imposing stiff fines.

These pictures are far from being the worst that daily litter our streets until wind or rain washes most of it into our filthily, smelling storm drains.

Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean