On the soi where I live in Pattaya, a new 4-inch PVC water line was installed this week. In one day, a 2-ft deep, 18-inch wide trench was dug, the pipe strung, coupled, laid in the trench and backfilled. None of the broken concrete from the original street (other than extra large pieces) was removed, just dumped back in the trench on top of the pipe. No leak test was made prior to backfilling.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that sharp edged, broken concrete dropped on PVC pipe will eventually, through time and settlement, damage, or even wear holes in the pipe, not to mention coupling leaks if they were not tested before hand.

Are there no rules or quality inspections required for civil work in Thailand?

And we wonder why, when work like this is done, 6 months later crews are back digging up the line to find out where all this water is disappearing too.

Charlie Brown