Wookie wants city to leave the trees alone


To Whom It May Concern,

My name is “Wookie” and I live near the beach. Every day of this dog’s life that I lead has been spent in Paradise, except for my first few months when I was a stray on Jomtien Beach. Fortunately, I was found and given a home by some caring people. Not only do I have great accommodations and plenty of good food, but my Master takes me for exercise with daily walks on the beach.

This brings me to the point of my canine comments, the wholesale destruction of the trees on the beach side of the road. A Catagory-5 typhoon couldn’t have done more damage. Besides being an eyesore for any tourist’s first impression of Pattaya, all the shade has been removed from the sidewalk. It will take many years for any of these trees to grow back to any size.

On the bright side, there are many new tree stumps for me to mark when we walk.  For that I’m thankful! What ever happened to the profession of “Tree Surgeon”? I know this isn’t the first time and there’ll probably be many more rounds of foliage destruction, all in the name of security, so authorities can survey the beachfront for bad guys. For that, you people should be thankful!

In the meantime, to make my walks cooler, I’ll get a haircut! I’d love to complain about the ticks and fleas, but I doubt there would be of any concern to the city. However, I would like to see a little more concern and compassion for my stray friends in Pattaya!

Thank you,