Wongamat sewer is a disgrace



Re: Rains overwhelm Wong Amat sewage system (PM Friday, 31 October 2014) – One would think that there may have been some urgency by Pullman, Skybeach, Northpoint,  Zire, Centara, Long Beach and the myriad of other developments along Wongamat Beach and the staff and representative of these multi-billion baht tourist/expat hotels and condos involved in promoting Wongamat to have a look at what is going on here.

This “rectification” work of the sewer is a disgrace. Pattaya wants to develop a reputation as a desirable place to visit both by tourists and expats. The local Thai community also deserves a better environment for themselves and their children.

The government is promoting a “Green Thailand” and yet the face of Pattaya is being destroyed by incompetent construction practices.

As an Australian civil engineer having worked on many projects around the world and with some significant financial investment in Pattaya and in particular the Wongamat Beach area I can only throw my hands up in the air with frustration.

Thank you to the local government showing some interest and I hope that they appoint a representative that can adequately ensure that the works are carried out in a professional manner.

Pattaya Engineer