Why not test everyone?



Re: Why syphilis? (PM Mailbag Friday, 09 August 2013) – So, by your reasoning, no one should be allowed into this country unless they’ve had a syphilis test. I’m a family man who works hard for his money, and I am not taking a job away from a local Thai. I would predict that the one month tourists who come here would be much more likely to have and spread infectious diseases than those of us with respectable jobs. And yes, in the “old days” we still had to fill out a medical certificate – I’m not saying we shouldn’t. But I agree with Paul – why syphilis? Why not HIV? And why target those of us not involved in the sex industry, and not target those who come here just for that? And on the reverse, if you’re not going to test the throngs of men who come here for the easy nightlife, then why test those of us here who aren’t involved in it?