Why not?



I would like to commend Khun Kanokporn (“Think-Box”, Bangkok Post, 25 May, 2015) for her well thought-out article, as we approach “World Environment Day”, 05 June, 2015.

I think – perhaps just a little – that we have improved, at least in the grossly-over-indulged West.

Many lives ago, in my unhappy years as a youngster in Australia, I used to see over-fed Australians (men and women) eating huge steaks, over-flowing the serving platter, followed by the usual junk food. That was just breakfast. Now, though still grossly over-fed (or, as the Brits used to say about the US service-en during WWII: over-fed, over-paid AND over here!), most Australians eat a little more modestly and do not waste so much.

A second thought used to be the “doggy-bag” syndrome, whereby excess food was packed to take home to the equally over-fed dog, cat or whatever. Nowadays, I am happy to see – and utilize – the “doggy bag” to take home and eat the excess that Khun Kanokporn aptly calls, “my breakfast carbs”.

As one wise old UN hand once coined a now-immortal phrase – “waste not; want not,” to which I add my own time-proven phrase “why not?”

Peter Cummins